Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions cover any web design, hosting, support and related products and services provided by WebVip.

Please note the terms may change from time to time and can be accessed from this page. We always have the best interests of our clients at heart.

Thank you for your business.

Tamsin Hall

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Terms and Meaning

WebVip refers to the Partnership of Tamsin Hall and Johan Englebrecht and all services related to web development and hosting, website security and SEO and related services.

Hosting and devlopment Terms and Conditions:

Note that the quote is a fair and close estimate but should there be additional time required to complete the process or additional features and customisation required the invoice will be adjusted accordingly and you will be advised in advance.

Please note that in order for the work to be completed within the recommended time-frame of 3 weeks and within the estimated quotation amount, content must be provided timeously. Completion time is 3 weeks from the developer’s side after receipt of a 50% deposit. If there are delays on the client side for providing content or signing off on the website a monthly invoice will be generated for work completed to date and the quote will not be valid for work that takes longer than 6 weeks if delays are on the side of the client, whether in approval or delivery of content.

Once the template has been configured as per client brief, 3 changes will be allowed to colours, font, and styling and thereafter an hourly rate will apply to additional changes. Note that once the template is configured major changes to template structure will be charged for separately.

Included in your Quotation

Included in the quotation is your first month of hosting, your first hour of training on running your WordPress website, setup and configuration of your WordPress installation, Styling and configuration of the WordPress Template. Your website will be linked to Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools to ensure that WebVip receives notifications from Google on whether your site is running optimally or not. Please note that training on running an commerce site is more complicated and only the first hour is part of the quotation, thereafter an hourly rate will apply.

Not Included in your Quotation

Future training on running your WordPress website. Any management or updates to your Ecommerce Shop. Additional functionality such as Event Plugins, Forums and major features. Changes to layout of the template structure. Cleaning up of a major website hack. Changes to the website required to maintain good rankings in Google which may be recommended from time to time by Google Webmaster Central.

Included in your Hosting

Basic website support via Skype. This is not the same as training, but may include reminders on how to do Basic WordPress functions already covered in your Skype training. The following is also included in your annual hosting: Website Changes to color, font, style, amendments to menu layouts, re-arranging of widgets, addition of footer texts or links. All minor website changes will be done free of charge and this will be at the discretion of WebVip as to whether the change is major or minor. Also included in the annual hosting is standard WordPress security monitoring, updating of WordPress and plugins, backups of WordPress and databases, inclusion of security plugins. Note that if the monthly hosting is paid upfront for the year, it will be discounted at 10%. If hosting is paid for monthly a minimum of 1 year hosting commitment is required.

Should the quotation take less time than estimated the quote will be adjusted in your favour.

Graphic Design

This price is an estimate for the design of your business logo. This can be used in your website banner and business cards. This work is outsourced to a designer but will be overseen by WebVip. Based on your brief you will be provided with a logo sample, 3 changes are allowed, thereafter an hourly rate will apply. All graphic work will be provided in high resolution for use with other branding.

If you are providing your own graphics please ignore the above.

Ecommerce Websites

With all e-commerce sites, the basic structure of your commerce shop will be setup so that you can view layout and test the e-commerce features and categories and initial product uploads will be done as part of the setup. You will be trained on uploading your products and if you have over a certain number of products and you do not wish to upload them yourself an hourly rate will apply for product uploads.
Products should be provided in an xml sheet with all variances, costs, product sku and product images provided and an example sheet will be provided to show you how to set this up. You will need an account with a payment gateway of your choice and if you are shipping products you will need to integrate your commerce shop with a shipping module. All this will be explained during the setup process.

Please note that your commerce shop is an ongoing process and from time to time you will need further assistance in the setup of your shop, changes, additions and more.

Very Important Note

Please remember that your website is an organic and evolving entity and therefore will require more than the initial setup to maintain. Expect from time to time that you will need to update the look of your site, or the layout, to help with your Google rankings. Google, WordPress and the WordPress plugins change their ranking, security and other parameters constantly and therefore you will need to keep up with the changes if you want your site to remain a welcoming home to your business on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization

If you have paid for this service note that although there is much one can do to gain better rankings in Google search result, NO-One can guarentee organic placement in search results. There are many guidelines the Google provides to help show up better in search results and WebVip follows many of these to help you achieve better search results, but none of these are guarentees and WebVip can not be held liable for a change in the status of your Website’s placement on Google Pages.

Steps to Begin the Design Process

A 50% deposit is payable upfront to begin the design process. Please provide as much content as possible where possible. For a standard website completion time is approximately 3 weeks from the receipt of deposit. For ecommerce sites this time can be anywhere up to 6 weeks.

Please return this document with your signature and proof of payment of your deposit as acknowledgement that you have read and accept the terms and conditions.
If you are acting on behalf of another organisation please ensure that the document is signed by whomever will be responsible for the legality and content of the Website and the Hosting Fees and other payments.

Thank you for your interest in WebVip.

Disclaimer: Please note that WebVip will not be held liable for your website being hacked, or dropping in Google Rankings. All measures are taken to prevent a hack and to build a Google friendly site but this is not a

ot part of the development process at WebVip unless you request SEO.

If your website is hacked you will be charged an additional fee to clean the hack either by WebVip or a third party.

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